All your favourite hair products delivered to your door with out fuss

Happy New Year! 


We have smashed out our first week back for the new year. 

My girl Bridget has delivered some beautiful colours as always already. 

I have had my baby boys 6th birthday in there. We had a Spider-Man and Avengers birthday party. 

Now I’d love to tell you about what’s new and happening our our website.


Imagine never running out of shampoo and conditioner or leave in moisturiser ever again!???

Imagine it arriving to your door before you run out of product and not having to use the dreaded crappy shit that goes into hiding or lives in the other bathroom.

Not having to worry about stopping into the salon to pick it up, and trying to make that last drop last until your next appointment? 


Well we now have home care set up for subscriptions! 


You can have your order set up to order your products and have them dispatched without even thinking about it. 

Hair care subscriptions are 

6 weeks and you receive a 15% discount 


12 weeks and receive 10% discount 


Want to know how you jump in and make your life easier? 


We have a separate collection for our subscriptions- it’s called subscriptions obviously hehe

Click on the product you want to order and you will have the option to order once off or on subscriptions. 


Can you pick the local delivery button for in town too. 


We are making 2022 all about convenience! Making life easy! 

Which products are you excited about having delivered to your door without any worry or fuss? 


Order your favourite hair care today on subscription with Kayla’s Expertease

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 


Lots of love Kayla and Bridget xx

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