ABOUT US - Kayla's Expertease Hair Salon

Welcome to Kayla’s Expertease,


A salon where we want you to feel welcomed and comfortable like you are at home.


My name is Kayla I am the owner and founder of Kayla’s Expertease. I would like to share my story with you, if you would like to read it.


I started my apprenticeship in 2004 which means I have been in the industry for 17 years. I have had my salon for coming up 11 years. We are in our 2nd location ~after 6 years in our first premises we had outgrown our space, we relocated to a much bigger space. We have been there for nearly 5 years now and probably in the future as we Continue to grow I can see we will most likely relocate again.


I have won many awards over the years for my hairdressing skills and have been hand selected many times for exclusive colour training with our international colour educators. I am a colour ambassador for Davines. And was recently again selected for an online education platform program that most people dream of!  I am just as passionate about my team continuing to learn as well. I am a very loyal person too ~Hairjamm Has been very good to me and I have stayed loyal to them for 11 years. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out my BEAUTIFUL rep Jo.


11 years in business and I am still as passionate about hairdressing as I was from the very start, I will totally admit I knew nothing about business I was just winging it but I was a very talented hairdresser with some mad work ethic skills. and that’s exactly what got me through. The last 18 months I have learnt so much to help me become a better person, boss and business owner.

I’ve learnt how to become a business manager and I’m loving this role. 


 I have a little boy who is going into grade 1, he absolutely loves it! I love being able to pick him up from school and doing his homework with him. It is our amazing bonding time.  I have managed to keep this awesome gig running while being a single mum first.

It’s amazing what we can do when we have so much love for it and no choice but to succeed. We have the cards we have been dealt and how we play them is up to us!


An amazing man came into my life just over 3 years ago and he supports me 200% in everything I do. Once you have felt that commitment and support you can achieve anything!  Dusty is the most beautiful human I have ever met!

“ Only a powerful man can satisfy a powerful woman!”

Dusty is a fifo worker so he is only home half the time. I still run my business, I’m still mummy and look after a house while he’s away. But when he’s home it’s family time and we make the most of our weekends.❤️


My staff are simply amazing!  They make us the dream team!


Meet Bridget, She has been with me since September last year. She is also an amazing hairdresser!  A beautiful soul I’m so lucky to have!

I love to call her B,

A message from B, hey guys i'm living the the dream working at Kayla's Expertease. If i'm not in the salon creating beautiful colours, I'm either spending time with my little family or going on adventures! 


My biggest mission is providing a workplace that everyone loves to be apart of!

They say your vibe attracts your tribe...


Thank you for taking your time to find out a little more about us. If you don’t already, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you can watch the awesome work we continue to deliver!